Delusional? I’m Wondering. How do you like your Spaghetti? January 14, 2015

It’s 3:20am and I cannot fall back asleep…. so what to do? Well, of course, what else? – get up in the absolute dead of night and write a blog entry! – to which I have no clue as to the subject matter whilst I sit perplexed, staring at an incandescent screen in a room of blackness, sand-dust caked in my eyes and thinking “Am I delusional? Does anyone really read this stuff? What makes me think I write anything worth reading; worthy of captivating anyone’s attention for even 60 seconds out of their 86,400 seconds per day?” To which I answer – “Yes, yes…. you are delusional…. but you enjoy this! Don’t you?”

I awoke prematurely for the 2:30am {second} bathroom break of the night given my latest personal resolution to drink more water. Not a New Year’s resolution mind you; those I always fail – so this is a ‘purposely not made on January 1st decision’ thinking that I want my kidneys to love me so I had better drink more of this binary compound called H2O for short. Shorter? Because that’s not really shorter, that’s 3 syllables versus 2. Do we use that because it’s shorter or because it’s just another way to say ‘water’? – or a way so as not to seem redundant while writing? or is it an endeavor to make ourselves seem so much more intelligent by using the chemical symbol for the clear stuff that makes up roughly 60% of our bodies?

That’s spaghetti.

My husband would say I’m doing the spaghetti thing again.

The spaghetti thing is when you {defined as species female} perform the conscious/unconscious {subject to species identity} conversation/mutterings {see prior brackets} of subject matter weaving one thing right into the next with no. clear. cut. connections. between. topics. as you address a member of the breed which is male. He’s suffering mental whiplash while I’m trying to involve him on a decision for this year’s vacation plans while simultaneously and very clearly {in my opinion} reporting on Geo-political world news, the latest happenings at work and the treacherous road conditions of late… along with questions like…

Are we ready for the cleaning lady tomorrow?
What would you like for dinner?
and, by the way… did you feed the dog?

Keep up, I say.

So, to include the waffle men {those of whom have the very admirable propensity to compartmentalize all subjects into perfect little segment squares like in a waffle} – I’m
preparing to bring this entry full circle, well… maybe. Still left wondering {now 4am} if anybody reads my random ramblings, peruses my persnickety particulars or even appreciates my penchant for penning “p” words, please ponder pontificating by pitching your perceived impressions into my path of appraisement.

Yes, I AM slap-happy and sleep deprived. And, since I’m not very technical {see my blog disclaimer}… and not sure how to go about the daunting task of setting up a comment section on this super-blog highway {at least for the time being} or the even more horrifyingly thwarting grind of figuring out how to get people to “like me”, love me, adore me, follow me, etc, etc, etc… please feel so inclined, pleaded with, begged, implored or arm-twisted to comment or send me a note. I would appreciate a green light, a stamp of approval, a douse of encouragement, some feedback, any feedback, daggers, darts or stilettos! Legitimize, authenticate, appreciate me! On bended knee, I beseech thee now!

Otherwise, carry on, enjoy your day… come back again sometime… and in the meanwhile, here’s hoping you had the great fortune of the good night’s sleep I missed.

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How to describe oneself is not an easy task despite the fact I often hear I have a penchant for writing. To try and encapsulate myself into a few sentences is challenging at best since I am filled with a heart for constant curiosity and the desire to keep learning. I take great delight in most all outdoor activities... especially those which involve hiking or being around the water. Camping in our pop-up or in a tent is always an invitation to discovery which I cannot turn down. A 'memory collector' is how I'd label myself, largely because I have this unending zest for life... I don't want to miss a thing! I love surprises, love to laugh and I get the biggest kick out of being married. I adore animals and my favorite happens to be a precious Golden Doodle named Zoe who came into my life as my 40th birthday present and has been the biggest gift that keeps on giving!! Sunflowers make me instantly smile and traveling makes my heart pound with excitement. Fortunate and very blessed to have traveled many places, my all-time favorite is the land of my ancestors, Ireland. Ireland calls me by name and beckons me to exploration like no other place I've been. And speaking of that, researching my ancestry has been a fun endeavor which often takes me down rabbit hole after rabbit hole as I seek to unveil mysteries of the past. Hanging out or traveling with friends is another area which I derive great joy from... and purposely nurturing friendships through cooking meals, entertaining or planning events gets my creative juices flowing. Once again.... it's that making memories thing! Beyond that, I could list a thousand things I find interesting, stimulating and feel so blessed to experience, indulge or simply wish for the day I get to investigate with a feverish glee. That's me!

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