And the Lottery Winners Are… January 18, 2015

Having just arrived home from viewing the movie “American Sniper”, I’m once again reminded and all too cognizant of the many sacrifices American men and women make each day to ensure I walk in freedom. From the time I was quite young, as far back as I can recall….a patrotic heart was instilled in me to the point I cannot hear the Star Spangled Banner or marvel at jet fly-bys without a quivering lip and tear-filled eyes. I’m ever proud to be an American and I have numerous times contemplated our most precious gift of freedom. I never want to live in a world dominated by terrorists, controlled by a dictator or void of anything but complete liberty.

To be born in the United States of America is to win the lottery. Think about it. Would you ever trade your citzenship here for that of any other country? Let me put it this way…if you could, would you sell your citizenship privilege for $1 million dollars? Not to say there aren’t some exceptional countries on this earth with outstanding merits….but would you ever completely relinquish your U.S. passport holding privileges? I highly doubt it. Perhaps there’s the occasional exception, however birth days occurring on American soil inherently furnish gifts of abundant blessings permanently wrapped in gold for a lifetime. Unfortunately, the vast populace within our borders fails to truly recognize this fact….much less contemplate, appreciate and value the gift to which the high price tag can be attached.

One of the thoughts Chris Kyle conveys within the movie depicting his life, is quite profound and penetrates my thoughts over and over again. He returns from his first tour grappling with finding everyone living ordinary life, going places, talking on cell phones, acting as if there is no war going on….after all, he’s just come from a sand drenched hell where evil prevails and terrorists think nothing of sending a five year old boy into the street with a Russian grenade to kill over a dozen men within a Marine convoy. For him, to find life just marching onward with no cognizance of the war zone – where holy terror takes place affecting American servicemen’s lives in everlasting ways; it’s incomprehensible, deplorable.

And, really that’s exactly a bulls eye assessment! Not only in the world of a sniper, but in our world. We are so filled with pre-occupation of self…it’s despicable. When selfies, vasto latte’s, hashtags, and the latest apps become the focal points of our days…occupying more time-slots than any awareness to our protectors of freedom, we have arrived at a dangerous crossroad. There will be many who criticize, condemn and sound the alarms to villify American Sniper, Chris Kyle as the movie about his life garners public attention. I will not be one of them. I am ever thankful to this brave man who spent over 1000 days away from his home & family to fight a horrendous battle with evil so indescribable; evil to which we are dangerously exposed and naive. If not for the Chris Kyle’s, the courageous veterans and those who have given all in the name of freedom, those who would storm unknown territory risking everything, those who would kill those who seek to kill Americans first….if not for them, we will someday face this evil as it breeches our boundaries. Out of sight, out of mind doesn’t bid well for us. It makes us sheep ignorant of the wolf who lurks nearby just waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Thankfully, there are those who are willing to play the part of the Great Pyrenees. Those who will stand watch while we sleep. Those the likes of Chris Kyle. Be slow to criticize and quick to place yourself in another’s shoes….especially when your life and the safety of those you love depend upon it!

Great Pyrenees guarding the flock of sheep.

Chris & Taya Kyle

A Great Pyrenees defending sheep under wolf attack.

Great Pyrenees with a lamb.

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