I Wonder As I Wander…January 4 ,2015

Ever heard the song? Even though it’s clearly more of a Christmas song, it really sums me up in a title! I love to wander and I love to wonder as I wander. I wonder even when I’m not wandering….though I never wander without wondering. Got it? I naturally have a curious nature. My parents will tell you I questioned everything incessantly as a 5-year old and from each answer given to a question sprang only another inquiry. People like me drive people like my husband toward insanity as the often imperceptible probing never ends.

I personally think my crusade in the curiosities of life make me an interesting individual. OK, so perhaps curiosity and humility don’t coincide. But really, it’s so much more intriguing to converse with someone who has more to offer in conversation than polite mumbling about trivial topics. So, when faced with small talk such as “hasn’t the weather been so very mild thus far?” or “How was the traffic on the way over?” – I am ever tempted to go straight for the jugular with “What’s the most controversial book or movie you’ve read or seen lately; what made it controversial for you and why?” or “How do you feel about profiling?” or “What’s your thoughts on Pope Francis declaring the Big Bang Theory and Evolution as real whilst Pope Benedict subscribes to intelligent design?” After all, the Pope is the authority on all Catholic matters. So which Pope is right? Do we believe the current Pope or the retired Pope? I’m not Catholic, but what do they make of this dichotomy?

The aforementioned topics are things I wonder about. If I wander outside, I wonder about nature and how many shades of green exist. I see a walnut on the ground from which a squirrel has retrieved the nut and I wonder how in the dickens those gnashing teeth and miserly little paws are able to obtain every trace of walnut to be procured from the shell’s armor. I see a word I don’t know and 90% of the time, I must look it up and commit it to memory.

Have you ever watched a spider as they weave their web? It’s beyond fascinating to observe the silk spew from their body traveling from one leg to the other as they connect the web strands and perfect their intricate design of a trap. I hear an owl in the middle of the night and I must know what type of parliamentary predator my auditory canals have detected. I see a cool recipe and I want to try it…. and I admire how Alton Brown teaches the science behind cooking processes. I am unusually fascinated by the results of planting a seed and watching it evolve into the most intricate of blooms. I adore traveling as it is this incredible threshold you step over into a new world of experiences, sights, smells and sounds. Our eyes and minds are remarkably equipped to reel in the greatest catch of each experience and lock it permanently in a memory stash to be retrieved at will.

Do you ever look into the night sky and wonder how far up there God is? He’s galaxies away yet He’s right beside me. That’s one thing I don’t wonder about. I believe it is He who instilled this grandiose inquisitive essence within me and gifted me with parents who have fostered it my whole life.

What are you curious about? What answers do you seek?

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  1. I appreciate your curiosity in life Tammy. I bet you have a very diverse bookshelf.

    • Becca,
      Thanks for your comments… and many apologies for the very tardy reply! My bookshelf is quite diverse as you say and I adore that about myself. Having many interests and a curiosity that takes me down many rabbit holes keeps me adventuresome… both mentally and physically. Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to send your thoughts.


How to describe oneself is not an easy task despite the fact I often hear I have a penchant for writing. To try and encapsulate myself into a few sentences is challenging at best since I am filled with a heart for constant curiosity and the desire to keep learning. I take great delight in most all outdoor activities... especially those which involve hiking or being around the water. Camping in our pop-up or in a tent is always an invitation to discovery which I cannot turn down. A 'memory collector' is how I'd label myself, largely because I have this unending zest for life... I don't want to miss a thing! I love surprises, love to laugh and I get the biggest kick out of being married. I adore animals and my favorite happens to be a precious Golden Doodle named Zoe who came into my life as my 40th birthday present and has been the biggest gift that keeps on giving!! Sunflowers make me instantly smile and traveling makes my heart pound with excitement. Fortunate and very blessed to have traveled many places, my all-time favorite is the land of my ancestors, Ireland. Ireland calls me by name and beckons me to exploration like no other place I've been. And speaking of that, researching my ancestry has been a fun endeavor which often takes me down rabbit hole after rabbit hole as I seek to unveil mysteries of the past. Hanging out or traveling with friends is another area which I derive great joy from... and purposely nurturing friendships through cooking meals, entertaining or planning events gets my creative juices flowing. Once again.... it's that making memories thing! Beyond that, I could list a thousand things I find interesting, stimulating and feel so blessed to experience, indulge or simply wish for the day I get to investigate with a feverish glee. That's me!

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